Tips for Sending Wine to China

Sending wine to China is not only hectic and complex but also time consuming; there are strict regulations to be observed by the sender. Failure to comply with these rules could result to significant delays in the delivery process. Before sending booze to China, you should be aware of regulations governing the process, the necessary paperwork as well as items that can or not be shipped into China. The Chinese customs are very strict with their shipping regulations; for instance, it is not possible to send live pets or information material that is against the Chinese government and the country’s traditions. Moreover, any food items must include a list of ingredients used in their making not forgetting the contact details of the recipient. 
The reason why many people are transport wine to China could be explained by its increased usage in family dinners and social gatherings. Moreover, the amazing benefits attributed to regular vino intake, are just irresistible. Vino brands from Australia and France are a common preference in this country. How then do you successfully export vino to China?
Attach truthful vino labels: The Chinese customs require that all food items be labeled with truthful details touching on ingredients, country of origin, product type and so on. In the case of booze, the presence of preservatives, sweeteners and flavors, net volume of the drink, the available alcohol content, the vino’s producer, country of origin and warning statements must be clearly indicated. The labeling of these details must be followed to the letter if the drink is to get to China. Moreover, the vino must be accompanied by a certificate of health and that of authenticity.
Insurance: This is determined by the value of the liquor. It is important to insure good wine against damage caused by breakage and high temperatures.
To avoid delays, always give a business address: The only time that you can ship to a residential address is if you are sure that the recipient will be present at the time of delivery. If you do not want your liquor to lie in the delivery truck for a couple of days, always give a business address that is open in all working days.
Use trusted shipping service providers: While distributing booze to China you need to be certain that it will get to the recipient in one piece and at the set time. Therefore, always enlist the services of reliable and experienced shipping providers who have a thorough understanding of the Chinese shipping regulations. Such firms will inform you of the needed paperwork so as to avoid unnecessary delays with the Customs.
Package the vino properly: Since liquor bottles are delicate, it is best to buy a good a cardboard box for packaging; preferably double or triple corrugated. While packing the liquor, wrap each bottle each using bubble-wrap then fill any extra space with the remaining bubble-wrap or foam.
Sending wine to China requires strict compliance with the Chinese shipping regulations and proper packaging of the bottles.